BeSt DaY or BaD DaY ?

2:54 AM
huhu... my birthday today.... hukhuk.. not as smooth as i want it to be.. maybe bcoz of dat surprise plan... i dunno.. i jz go with the flow.
pick up my hubby today at terminal.. finally he's back in kch after a while. miss him too much ody.. is it totally my fault?
yes ... i know it is. he still haunted by the black experience b4.
its my birthday n i heard a lot of bad news today... bad carma huh ...
my fren lost his/her motorbike...
my hubby quite mad at me but he didnt show it.. i mean, he did show it.. obviously but try to hide it ....
did i really spoil the nite ?
guess so.... *sigh*

1 comment:

  1. Ops..u got a bad day ya.
    Anyway, Gambateh!
    Try to facing problem with "Smile" as Chinese proverb : Smile always, luck with come to u and everything will be allright.

    @Caring Friend@


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