Better in time

10:44 PM
its true wen they say, how long u know sum1 cant b the exact measured on how deep & how well u know dat sum1.
im trying to give him more faith.. im trying to have faith in him... (dats jz sound the same rite?)
im trying to trust him.. more den i trust myself... but how can i give all dat, wen everytime i do, there's always something happen. always... there's come a surprise. if its a gewd one, how lucky i am. but it keeps on something dat keep hurting me deep inside. wat shud i do ?
maybe its my fault. maybe its him... its been a decade since i correct myself. i don't do things he don't like. i don't become to close to sum1 he don't want me too... im doin everything.. (sumtimes it seems dat i don, coz im d kind of person who u know, melawan) but i didnt do it. im trying to be perfect, but there's not even close to gewd enaf.
sorry this blog is kinda sound jiwang2.. but its a blog rite. it where can i express myself out when there's no one i can turn into.
dont bother urself reading it if u dont want to .....
i have no one else to turn into unless this speechless website.....
i jz love him too much... wat else cud have gone wrong in this pic?

^_^ thinking i deserved it, now i realized dat i really didnt know, if u didnt notice, u mean everything. bcoz of u, quickly im learning to love again, all i know is, im gonna be ok wif u bside me. thought i couldnt live without u, its gonna hurt when it heals too, it'll get better in time, eventho i really love u, im gonna smile cause i deserve to, it'all get better in time. i couldnt turn on the TV without something there to remind me, it wasnt all dat easy, tojust put aside ur feelings. if im dreaming... dont wanna laugh coz it hurt my feelings. but this the path i believe in. and i know dat, time will heal it....

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