another day at home

2:33 PM
today im going to stay at home.. not willingly but i have to, coz they used my car... 'patah kaki'!!
hahaha.. nvm.. at least sometimes i have the times to enjoying myself alone at home.... *sigh* how does dat sound ? not so good i think.. ^_^
erm.. let me see, what i did today, playing nfs, i got the upgrade again, n my car looks more coOL nowadays. online n continue seeing the korean drama 'CoFfee PrinCe' but the loading takes too Long! i've waited more then 24 hours ody but still it aint finish loading.. hello ?? what happen to the site?
quite an interesting story, a girl name go eun chan, tomboyish look, have several jobs to pay her debt b4 she bump into a guy which is Han Kyul who is erm.. the richie rich in this story. its quite dumb, u see, how come u can differentiate a gurl ? they all in this story really think go eun chan is a boy. come on, she's smaller, cuter, pretty, i mean, have u seen boys so pretty ? handsome maybe but pretty ? (@_@) check the eye....
what makes it so interesting is the power of love. there's something han kyul feel in his heart that he cant resist eun chan. until he admit that he loves a man, and considering himself as a gay... well, i can explain to u how was it.. better u guys watch it urself... its gewd....
have to go now.. wanna find something else to do ... updating later.... chao ^_^

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  1. Waiseh, promote drama ar..Hehe.
    Going to look around for that movie soon. I still have a lots of drama pending (downloading) hehe..

    seems u have a gud time with bb ya, gud gud ^^,

    Hey, i already help u click the advertisement, then u must help me click too ya. thanks! hihi


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