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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

another day at home

today im going to stay at home.. not willingly but i have to, coz they used my car... 'patah kaki'!!
hahaha.. nvm.. at least sometimes i have the times to enjoying myself alone at home.... *sigh* how does dat sound ? not so good i think.. ^_^
erm.. let me see, what i did today, playing nfs, i got the upgrade again, n my car looks more coOL nowadays. online n continue seeing the korean drama 'CoFfee PrinCe' but the loading takes too Long! i've waited more then 24 hours ody but still it aint finish loading.. hello ?? what happen to the site?
quite an interesting story, a girl name go eun chan, tomboyish look, have several jobs to pay her debt b4 she bump into a guy which is Han Kyul who is erm.. the richie rich in this story. its quite dumb, u see, how come u can differentiate a gurl ? they all in this story really think go eun chan is a boy. come on, she's smaller, cuter, pretty, i mean, have u seen boys so pretty ? handsome maybe but pretty ? (@_@) check the eye....
what makes it so interesting is the power of love. there's something han kyul feel in his heart that he cant resist eun chan. until he admit that he loves a man, and considering himself as a gay... well, i can explain to u how was it.. better u guys watch it urself... its gewd....
have to go now.. wanna find something else to do ... updating later.... chao ^_^

Monday, October 27, 2008

Life's Update

nuthing much to say, waiting for morning to accompany my dear to the clinic diz early morning. actually plan to go today to any clinic but since there's a limited financial we're having rite now. so i made a propose dat we go to the poli clinic... not the bes idea since he's so suffering with his backache (or is it the bone... i guess its something like osteoporosis-not the right spelling) + very bad flu and fever. =_=' feel so bad for him...
guess he gone to bed already since he's not replying my msg...
after cancelling the plan earlier to go to the clinic, i want to watch movies with him, The House Bunny. anyone see it ? does the story good? jz wanna ask coz we didnt see it. hv a lil fight but we get thru it by having fun at Hock Lee with... games of course.. wat else? Playing time crisis II again, n i still crash him ^_^ den, go for racing car.. well here where i am lack of it coz he's the master of it.. well i have to admit dat i'm lost...
we change hp for nows i use his sony he use my nokia. change pic... n life between us is quite good n getting better ^_^
cant wait for morning...


Sunday, October 26, 2008


there's been so many telecommunication nowadays. as u all know, there is a new one call U-Mobile rite? 018... hmm.. thinking if its really worth it. i have to get off this kinda habit. collecting numbers. who knows how many phone numbers i have already ....
i have all maxis, digi and celcom all active.shud i add on with 018? hahaha i dont think so lar... there's too many dont u think ?

well, what i wanna talk about here is actually about this new current line. have u heard that we can switch from the current operator to another operator ? i don't know about other operators. all i know here is we can switch from maxis or celcom to digi. and there's even a better plan for it.
i'm trying it actually for now. before i have to make up my mind what should i use...because this so called plan to switch has different plan for it ..lets say

Super Fnf - Nothing much... jz add more more frens and family... overall 15 of them. 11 digi and 4 from other operators. but the rate is the same i guess... so nothing much...

Super Long Life -dunno too much about this plan. all i know is if we reload RM30 or RM100 is it ? im not sure, the period of the airtime is longer. like one year. and the rate? same.. so what speacial it for me ? i guess not....

Super Talk- This plan is kinda nice to see, good to hold, once broken consider sold! hahaha.. quite an interesting plan but also, quite expensive for someone who dont have big salary and stabilised job like me ^_^ it is some kind like... overall one month used.. lets say u used overall RM100 for that month, ur rate of calling change from 35sen/min to 25sen/min. 10 sen only, not much different. if they can drop down the charges to 10 sen/min ka... ok la wat.. kehkehkeh
ok more of it, beside dat, if the total for thatmonth is more than rm200, then u get call and smsing for free. as i said, its a great plan, who doesnt want call n msg for free rite? we all do .. but will u sacrifise rm200 every months? jz everymonth man before u can use dat free thingy... if my salary is more than rm3k then i allow myself to used dat plan .... hahahaha

well.. dat lead us to the only plan left that is :

Super Sms - i guess this is the only plan that left for me and quite suitable... sms... yeh... im not that kind of calling too much person.. sms... quite ok ... well, this plan goes like this...
you just use 50sen perday... yes 50sen for each day for sms. after reaching the limit 50sen. the other msg after dat is for free to all digi. dont understand ka ?

let say... u just used 50sen for one day to sms all digi number all day long.. digi number only. don care if it ur fnf or not. to other number is only 10sen. quite ok... for ordinary one somtimes it cost 20sen or 15sen.

yeah.. now i used this plan.. quite satisfied for now.... my maxis plan switch to digi... kinda cool ...
who have digi number start with 012 ? I DO !!! hahahah.. others is start with 016 or 014...

eventho that plan is not as cool as mtv powerpack, rm5 permonth n sms for free the whole month.. but hell yeah... dats fine for me now. i oso have mtv. ^_^

roger n out ^_^

p/s if anyone read this.. u wanna switch it.. tell me. i'll help u out... my boss asked me to find more people.... hahahahahaha .. digi digi... y u always want it all

i will follow you

Monday, October 20, 2008


there's goes the night that i dont want to go through anymore.....

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Better in time

its true wen they say, how long u know sum1 cant b the exact measured on how deep & how well u know dat sum1.
im trying to give him more faith.. im trying to have faith in him... (dats jz sound the same rite?)
im trying to trust him.. more den i trust myself... but how can i give all dat, wen everytime i do, there's always something happen. always... there's come a surprise. if its a gewd one, how lucky i am. but it keeps on something dat keep hurting me deep inside. wat shud i do ?
maybe its my fault. maybe its him... its been a decade since i correct myself. i don't do things he don't like. i don't become to close to sum1 he don't want me too... im doin everything.. (sumtimes it seems dat i don, coz im d kind of person who u know, melawan) but i didnt do it. im trying to be perfect, but there's not even close to gewd enaf.
sorry this blog is kinda sound jiwang2.. but its a blog rite. it where can i express myself out when there's no one i can turn into.
dont bother urself reading it if u dont want to .....
i have no one else to turn into unless this speechless website.....
i jz love him too much... wat else cud have gone wrong in this pic?

^_^ thinking i deserved it, now i realized dat i really didnt know, if u didnt notice, u mean everything. bcoz of u, quickly im learning to love again, all i know is, im gonna be ok wif u bside me. thought i couldnt live without u, its gonna hurt when it heals too, it'll get better in time, eventho i really love u, im gonna smile cause i deserve to, it'all get better in time. i couldnt turn on the TV without something there to remind me, it wasnt all dat easy, tojust put aside ur feelings. if im dreaming... dont wanna laugh coz it hurt my feelings. but this the path i believe in. and i know dat, time will heal it....

Monday, October 6, 2008

PeRfEcT DaY!!

i got my BIG SPONGEBOB today! from my hubby of coz......
then we i got back i have another surprise from my best best best of friends... yan, and her bf of coz dipa.

she call me to go to her house... wen i arrived there, she come out with a piece of Baby Mickey was a pleasant surprise.. thanks.... i really appreciate u guys...
and for my hubby! i WANT MORE!! hahaha :P luv yaa...

BeSt DaY or BaD DaY ?

huhu... my birthday today.... hukhuk.. not as smooth as i want it to be.. maybe bcoz of dat surprise plan... i dunno.. i jz go with the flow.
pick up my hubby today at terminal.. finally he's back in kch after a while. miss him too much ody.. is it totally my fault?
yes ... i know it is. he still haunted by the black experience b4.
its my birthday n i heard a lot of bad news today... bad carma huh ...
my fren lost his/her motorbike...
my hubby quite mad at me but he didnt show it.. i mean, he did show it.. obviously but try to hide it ....
did i really spoil the nite ?
guess so.... *sigh*

Sunday, October 5, 2008

There's always 1st time for anything ^_^

my first blog for tonite... i manage to done this url blogging with a help from one of my long lost (well... not dat long..hehe) friend... u know who u r.... of coz... the pair of Cevin and Carmen.... haha.... n i thought ur name starts with 'K'
like anyone else, nothing to special about this blog for u guys... just its may be special enough for me and partner. n some of my friends. just a crap about me, my life( love life? social life?), the world n friendship.
well... got nothing much to say tonight. just a whole lots of thanks to the C'Kelvin ^_^ for helping me out ....
now our WARS of blogging will officially start!! :P