A hike to Lambir Hills National Park

Morning strangers,
how you guys been ? I'm gonna blog about my past experience going for a nature hike and bbq with my new colleagues and boss.

I have always been love to do a nature hike but never get the chance to do it in Kuching. Guess when we start to stay somewhere else, we start to explore different kind of things.

After a few months here in Miri, the boss decide that we should go for a hike and bbq for, you know, mingle around. Since majority of us are actually new to the office. Maybe he thinks this is the way for us to unwind and enjoy. I don't know about the others, but i Love it~~ to the max.

It helps me to forget about all those little things that happen in my life.
It helps me to unwind my mind and not focus on too many things at times.
It helps me to relax seeing all the greenness of sceneries around me, jungle, waterfall, new people.

Well, this trip, we're heading to LAMBIR HILLS NATIONAL PARK. 

They have quite a few route that u can choose to go. Depends on your willingness of difficulty and times. For us today, we only go to Latak Waterfall, which I think, its only taken us around half an hour to reach the waterfall. I think. I didn't actually time our walk there but I think it is half an hour.

Payment to enter the park per person? I don't know. LOL that's on boss. he pays for everything. Ticket and foods. So, yeah, maybe you guys can just google it to found out about it more.

Let's start the walk

Enjoying the pictures? 
I'm too lazy to put one by one caption for it .hehe... 
well, there goes my hike. Hoping to get more here. 

Any takers?

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