Crystalmate Grilled Steamboat Buffet in Miri

Just before my niece going back to Kuching yesterday, I bring her out with a bunch of my friends again and this time, we were heading for the steamboat place somewhere in Pujut. Don't ask me the exact place, I cannot really explain where its about.
Check out the link for more information from their own Facebook website.

The Place called Crystalmate (Crystalmate Grilled Steamboat Buffet)

as in crystal meth?

haha. Joking

Its more to a family place gathering and hang out with friends.

In terms of choice. Yes I guess they have many choices but pardon me I didn't try everything.
But their lamb is quite decent, chicken as well.

They also have side dishes such as honey bbq chicken wing, sushi and others. But if you really a fan of sushi i wouldn't recommend it. It may be there already for a few hours and the taste is so so.
Well, then again, this is no place for sushi. So get you butt up and grab that slices meats, chicken, crab, prawn and whatever they have and start cooking.

THe place itself quite cozy compare to any of steamboat place i went in Kuching. It not that hot and not that compact. They actually have 2 side, the side with aircond and the side without it. With the aircond they have this vents just to prevent the smokes from accumulated inside the area.

 One thing that makes it unique maybe the fact about the pan and the bowl are made from crystal they claimed, hence the name of the restaurant Crystalmate.

I don't really know about this, but if its true. Then, awesome! its really easy to clean too and that maybe the particular one of the reason they use this kind of materials.

Around RM36 or RM38 for adult and 50% on your birthday.

But during our time went there, there's this promotion for only RM28 including drinks per pax until 31st December 2015.

So, yeay for a cheaper price~!!

Food lovers. Don't forget to try this.

oh ya, another incident that night. LOL

My friend car who's been following mine from behind suddenly hit the road side and blow up their tyre. Nobody even stop to ask and help when they is only girls and woman on the road side nightime.
really people? reallY?

anyhow, suppose we're lucky eventhough only the ladies, we're still able to change the spare tyre. Only have complication while trying to take it out after taking off all the bolts.

So yeay again~!!!

Till next time.


  1. ye ztie...pancake tp biasa pancake kita tgk bulat 4 segi..bole la try nanti dip n dip..mmg sedap

    1. aah. next time kalau ada pergi sana nanti try. Selalu dah pergi tapi asyik lupa nak try

  2. Interesting! I have not seen anything like this here. Good price. Oh dear!!! Pandu cermat, jiwa selamat!!

    1. interesting right? the environment is good for kids too. You can try it when your coming.

      Thanks for the reminder~ we will next time!

  3. Best juak barang sidak makey crystal ow. Patut juak lah nama kede ya crystalmate. Hehe. Mun ke miri mok kmk carik tmpt tok

    1. aok... kmk nanyak juak ngn sidak. apa tek cam jakun sik pernah nangga nya mcm ya nak. haha.. try jaklah. recommended. boleh tahan. mcm ktk mbak anak memang cozy lah tempat tok. sik bersempit gilak kedak certain grilled steamboat


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