Yesterday menu, Tom yam and Butter Chicken

11:21 AM
How about that, been living here for the past 5 months, and this tom yam place has been one of my favorite place. Not much to choose actually beside the tom yam itself with the money value. It cost around RM10 for tom yam mix (tom yam campur: seafood, daging, ayam, sayur) 

And boy I tell you it taste marvelous~! 

Since I've been eating out yesterday, so tonight I'm going to cook my own happy meal. not a good combination with Cola obviously, but I just want to finish the stock in the fridge. 

Dinner for tonight:
Nasi goreng hotdog 
Sunny side up eggs a.k.a telur goreng
butter chicken 
Cookies from Marriot Hotel as a complimentary

Menu for one. Well, for now. Adios amigos

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