Niece Holidays [Part 1]

Spending few days with my niece during the holidays really makes me happy and warms my heart. If only I have the money to bring all of them including their mother here.
If including the mother, in total of them would be 9 person (LOL)

Some stuff that she buys for herself is this bag. She's in dilemma which one that she wants. either the black or the gray one. What do you guys think? Gray or black?


 Then she wanna buy something for her little brother and sister. Especially the youngest one. So, she end up buying the truck for the youngest one since its her brother birthday last week and she haven't manage to buy any gift for him. I add on some money for her and add on some magic sand as a gift to the other siblings. One more gift is not the picture, something like coloring and stuff. Obviously she wants it all in gift wrap cause its christmas she said and she claimed she'll be the santa for her siblings. LOL.
I just wish their siblings relationship will just getting stronger and stronger everyday.

 One of many days that I tag her along with my friends who I consider as my families already and she blends in just fine. ^_^ That's my kid.

 Well, after spending 5 days here with me. It is time for her to go back.

See that face? hehe

Till next time kid.


  1. Yes, we look forward to having our family and friends in town as well, sheer joy and fun having company around.

    1. I know right? Living without families feels, alone. haha.. Happy New year Suituapui

  2. Seronoknya...
    Enjoy je diorang semua.. ;)
    IbuAqil dtg jenguk sini..
    Happy new year.. ;)
    Happy holiday..

    1. A'ah sis.. memang seronok sgt kalau diorang ada dtg melawat sini. Jengok2 la selalu ibu

      Happy new year and Happy Holiday jugak ^_^

  3. betul.. mun bagi kmk pun.. mun boleh nak embak family stay ngan kmk.. biar cdak rasa happy duduk ngan kita...

    1. nak ow ? ya nang bena. kita pun sikla rasa sunyik gilak


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