Maulidur Rasul & Christmas 2015

I think it's not too late for me to wish all my friends and families that celebrating Christmas And Maulidur Rasul last week.
I'm not back in my hometown but I'm here,  where I'm suppose to be.  Not alone for the holidays and weekend as my niece were here.  Still here.  She's sound asleep next to me right now as I write this. 
I'm not sure if she's having a good time right now.  I hope she is.
For everything that has been happening,  I just need more than a little distraction in my life.
Oh ya,  even though I'm not celebrating Christmas, apparently I received a gift from my friend from Philippines.  Blessed her to include me in it. I haven't open it yet.  But I guess I have the biggest clue on what's in it. LOL
Thank you Ya Allah,  for giving me these people that still stand beside me whenever I feel like drowning myself.  

 How's your celebration so far?

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