New Hobby; Crochete. For real?

Can I mix my language here for this post? A little bit of English, A little bit of BM, and a little bit of Sarawakian.

I guess I can since it's my blog anyway. Hehehe

So, I have started this new hobby of mine to spend my luxurious free time. Tapi that one hanyalah for the first few months. AFter quite a while, I've been way too busy with my works that I don't even have the time to crochet anymore.

yes, Crocheting. 

Can you believe it ?


Doing a crochete?


Anybody who's knowing me long enough will have a good laugh about this.

Since I'm still learning and all this things are still new to me, so, I basically just stick to doing things for myself and few friends. Things like, small wallet, powerbank pouch, handphone pouch, small begs etc etc.

Here's a snippet of what I've been doing.

My pouch Pineng Powerbank. 

The right one, black, red, yellow, green requested by my friend. Sebab nya tersangatlah minat dengan Bob marley. So here goes.

My pattern still the same, horizontal lines. cause its the easiest ok. hahaha Don't mock me

I love this one though, but its not mine, this is a welcoming present for one of my other friend. Welcoming untuk nya sebab beli hp baru. hahaha 
oh yes, cause nya sik penah beli hp baru and smartphone. So, hopefully this little gift is enough.

I've been crochet this hexagon and try to make blanket one day. but that will be still a long way to go. Way too long. Just wait if the days will come.

 This pink fluffy one. Still deciding if I wanna give it to my new Philippines friends as her Christmas gift. Maybe I will.
My first one using different kind of yarn. Tebal and fluffy. Kinda hard to crochet for beginners for me. but i like it. so fluffy.

 And tadaa~~~
toklah yang aku ingin polah sebenarnya. If and only if sampey ke sialah. Granny square sambong jadi cardigan ka apa ka nak. Tapi mok tangga kerajinan la. mun sik rajin sik kesine. hehe

Nak creditkan gambar tok dgn sapa sik tauk sbb gmbr di anta kawan. So sorry guys.


  1. Bravo!!! My girl has just started doing this too...and knitting and not doing all that well. Well, never too late to learn, slow and steady. Hehehehehe!!!!

    P.S. Thanks for dropping by my blog. See you around!

    1. Wow. It's OK. I come to learn quite late myself. But its never too late right. Send my regards to her and good luck!

  2. Wahhhh.... Kacak ktk polah. Kmk dari dolok nak belajar polah crochet... Pey nektok x blajar2. Haha

    1. haha... kmk try2 jak eh. pakey ngisik masa lapang. k try2 sambil nangga tv kadang.. ktk try lah. senang jak sbnrnya. haha yer. pandey ku madah lok


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