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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Niece Holidays [Part 1]

Spending few days with my niece during the holidays really makes me happy and warms my heart. If only I have the money to bring all of them including their mother here.
If including the mother, in total of them would be 9 person (LOL)

Some stuff that she buys for herself is this bag. She's in dilemma which one that she wants. either the black or the gray one. What do you guys think? Gray or black?

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Crystalmate Grilled Steamboat Buffet in Miri

Just before my niece going back to Kuching yesterday, I bring her out with a bunch of my friends again and this time, we were heading for the steamboat place somewhere in Pujut. Don't ask me the exact place, I cannot really explain where its about.
Check out the link for more information from their own Facebook website.

The Place called Crystalmate (Crystalmate Grilled Steamboat Buffet)

as in crystal meth?

Monday, December 28, 2015

Fuel Shack, New Fast Food in Miri

Good morning people,

how was your long holidays? After quite a while, rasa malas nak turun keja pun ada. hah... ko rasa?
Anyway, hari ni rasa nak perkenalkan macam fast food menu baru kat sini. Kat KL ada kot rasanya, but kinda new here.

FUEL SHACK nama diberi.

So far, so good. Taste not so bad. but a pit pricey if you asked me. Their hospitality is still at the top. Let's see how long will that last. Ya 'know since they are still new opening here.

Maulidur Rasul & Christmas 2015

I think it's not too late for me to wish all my friends and families that celebrating Christmas And Maulidur Rasul last week.
I'm not back in my hometown but I'm here,  where I'm suppose to be.  Not alone for the holidays and weekend as my niece were here.  Still here.  She's sound asleep next to me right now as I write this. 
I'm not sure if she's having a good time right now.  I hope she is.
For everything that has been happening,  I just need more than a little distraction in my life.
Oh ya,  even though I'm not celebrating Christmas, apparently I received a gift from my friend from Philippines.  Blessed her to include me in it. I haven't open it yet.  But I guess I have the biggest clue on what's in it. LOL
Thank you Ya Allah,  for giving me these people that still stand beside me whenever I feel like drowning myself.  

Monday, December 14, 2015

New Hobby; Crochete. For real?

Can I mix my language here for this post? A little bit of English, A little bit of BM, and a little bit of Sarawakian.

I guess I can since it's my blog anyway. Hehehe

So, I have started this new hobby of mine to spend my luxurious free time. Tapi that one hanyalah for the first few months. AFter quite a while, I've been way too busy with my works that I don't even have the time to crochet anymore.

yes, Crocheting. 

Can you believe it ?


Doing a crochete?


Anybody who's knowing me long enough will have a good laugh about this.

Since I'm still learning and all this things are still new to me, so, I basically just stick to doing things for myself and few friends. Things like, small wallet, powerbank pouch, handphone pouch, small begs etc etc.

Here's a snippet of what I've been doing.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

A hike to Lambir Hills National Park

Morning strangers,
how you guys been ? I'm gonna blog about my past experience going for a nature hike and bbq with my new colleagues and boss.

I have always been love to do a nature hike but never get the chance to do it in Kuching. Guess when we start to stay somewhere else, we start to explore different kind of things.

After a few months here in Miri, the boss decide that we should go for a hike and bbq for, you know, mingle around. Since majority of us are actually new to the office. Maybe he thinks this is the way for us to unwind and enjoy. I don't know about the others, but i Love it~~ to the max.

It helps me to forget about all those little things that happen in my life.
It helps me to unwind my mind and not focus on too many things at times.
It helps me to relax seeing all the greenness of sceneries around me, jungle, waterfall, new people.

Well, this trip, we're heading to LAMBIR HILLS NATIONAL PARK. 

They have quite a few route that u can choose to go. Depends on your willingness of difficulty and times. For us today, we only go to Latak Waterfall, which I think, its only taken us around half an hour to reach the waterfall. I think. I didn't actually time our walk there but I think it is half an hour.

Payment to enter the park per person? I don't know. LOL that's on boss. he pays for everything. Ticket and foods. So, yeah, maybe you guys can just google it to found out about it more.

Let's start the walk

Friday, December 11, 2015

A time to unwind

I think I might need time.

Time for myself. 

Time for me to be selfish.

Time for me not to care too much.

Its so stupid just how much I care. 

Invitation for Nando's 2015

Vivacity Megamall is about to launch tomorrow. 

I bet some of you guys been receiving invitations from Nando's for their big opening tomorrow. 

First one in Sarawak, and it is opening their door for the first time in Kuching first.

Unfortunately for me,  I will not be in Kuching this week. So, banyak lah peluang terlepas. 
They even have Era Fm Sayang Sarawak Concert this weekend.

ok bye!!

*Sad face*



Yesterday menu, Tom yam and Butter Chicken

How about that, been living here for the past 5 months, and this tom yam place has been one of my favorite place. Not much to choose actually beside the tom yam itself with the money value. It cost around RM10 for tom yam mix (tom yam campur: seafood, daging, ayam, sayur) 

And boy I tell you it taste marvelous~! 

Since I've been eating out yesterday, so tonight I'm going to cook my own happy meal. not a good combination with Cola obviously, but I just want to finish the stock in the fridge. 

Dinner for tonight:
Nasi goreng hotdog 
Sunny side up eggs a.k.a telur goreng
butter chicken 
Cookies from Marriot Hotel as a complimentary

Menu for one. Well, for now. Adios amigos

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Eggs, Chicken, Vegies, Hot Dog

It's gonna be a lot of post about foods these coming posts because, because, I just feels like it. LOL. Kidding. Its just because I cleaned up my phones just now and found quite a few of foods pic. Well, I've been thinking to post it all together but what's the fun of it no?

So, here goes nothing (^_^)

Remember when I first come here and i don't know what to eat. To be eating out all the time will be waste of money (for now) as i can't found any cheaper place.  So, here's a menu for my first few weeks, or days.

Hot Dog