March Challenge Day 1 : You

Day 1 of March 2018 and here comes the challenge from Vivian. I was so excited before to join in with the challenge that I forget how busy I can get someday. Day one is not even end yet and here I am, trying to juggle within all those things. I feel like I can't get through with the challenge but after seeing everybody like posting about it, it somehow motivates me to write now.

So here's for day one. You.

Nope. Not you. Its about me. Yes. Me .

Starting this blog from 2009 when I was only 23 years old. (OMG, I feel old right now just by writing this. LOL) until now. It's been exactly nine years has gone by just like that.

I started with, opss, I really can't remember my first nickname here, but some of it was, JT, Jati, vorein, and I'm sure among others and here I am with Ztie.
Most of my social media will start with ztie or zt and end with shr. Shr actually is the initial for my late father.
Sapiee Haji Rashidi

He even have his own clothing with SHR embedded on it.
Anyway, for those who knows me, they will know how much I've been struggling with my weight and I still am. Especially after I arrived back and settled down in Kch. Too much good food too resist 😂😂
It's almost 1130 pm on 1st day of March and I'm posted my pictures here to show how much I've go and become and still fighting for my weight. Don't be fool with my recent pictures. And i rarely do this. Seriously, it is so hard for me to put up my own pictures. 😂

Top 2 pictures is back before and when I was in Miri and I know I need to fight it. 2 years in Miri and I've come to become the 2 person below. 

Bad news is now I'm almost back to the 2 pictures above. I've gain so much weight since I back to Kch. I need help. I need more motivation. I don't want to be that person anymore. I need to be better me for me and my families, don't you agree? 
Whoever have the same problem with me. We'll do this together! Ok? Never give up and try hard! 

I wish haha 
Ok. See you guys tomorrow. 

Lots of love, 
ztieshr 💋💋


  1. samaaaaa la nak di struggle kita duak koh. kejap turun duak kg nait 4 kg emmmpphh diam melaya tok semua jak nyaman. but never give up. keep on fighting ok!

    1. nak ohhh.. turun sikit nait banyak. hahaha kmk dah nait balit dah tok.. abislah. semoga kita duak terus tabah hehe

  2. Haaa.... kmk ingat nick vorein itu... hahahaha... congrats!! done day-1

    1. haaaa.. vorein ya nang di mana2. game name. twitter. insta segala dolok. hehe.. congrats utk ktk juak kak! semoga istiqamah kata org hehe

  3. ktk dah di kuching keja kah??

    tahniah menyahut cabaran

    1. for now yes. hehe anyway makseh sebab mencabar.. nang tercabar mena rasa. 1st week dah kenak anok, dhya bz gik. sikit gik tertinggal day 1


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