March Challenge Day 3 : Something You adore

This was supposed to be post on 3rd March but due to unforeseen circumstances, I start this post with apologies to my fellow blogger friend because I fail to post one everyday lol. and My next 2 post will be brief and easy. 

Tapi saya try untuk keep up ok? hehe

I've been very very busy back and forth to site and office last few days (even weekend) yes. and some family matters. 

To start with something I adore. 

I really adore light.

Fairy light to be exact. 

and I am quite jealous with how people can do so much decorations in their house or rooms. But whatever it is. I will put the fairy light in my home anywhere I like it to be. haha

It's amazing how much of a difference a strand of fairy lights can make in a bedroom or any corner in your house. You can wrap the lights around the mirros, hang them over your bed or ceiling or cram into colored bottled glass (this is actually amazing effect with the bottle), and trust me no matter how you do it, the end result will be pretty much beautiful. 

If you don't know what I'm talking about or what fairy light is. These 3 bottom pictures is from Google to show you what is fairy light. 

I specially want to put it on the ceiling. and believe it or not, I only use this fairy light in my room. Preferable actually. It lights up just nice. (also because on how sensitive my eyes to the light) 

And this picture below is some wall area in my bedroom with fairy light. Warm fairy light to be exact. 

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  1. wow..kacak tp kmk x dapat tga terang gilak terutama dalam bilit..hahaa

    1. sik terang. sbb ya kmk makey fairy light tok. nya dim light jak. warm fairy light. especially mata kmk lepas lasik dolok nang sikpat kenak cahaya lebih sikit. pening palak.

  2. Wow.. nang kacak ooo... bila dh beranak sik dpt nak mikir kacak gia.. anak² kmk kelak agik kreatif & inovatif jadinya.. hahaha

    baruk sempat blogwalking tok oi

    1. biasalah kak.. sekpa.. ktk ada cara lain gik k ngacak rumah. gik2 mun berumah dikpun. best aghik nak oh. macam2 jak. kmk pun lom sempat blogwalking kak. kelak mek ngabasss


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