March Challenge Day 5 : Clouds and squid

I didn't see any clouds that I love today. 
Well maybe because I didn't get that much time to go out during the day these days. 
Anyhow, this is the clouds that I manage to capture on my way to work. 

Still beautiful but I've seen better. 


Additional note: 
Mami cook for my lunch today! Yesterday coming back from work, I rant a bit about how long have I been searching for fried squid (eh sotong goreng kata orang kita) 
Then mami said there's a squid in the fridge you can just fried that.. OOoookay 
Being too tired (or lazy) yesterday, I told my mom I cook it later in the afternoon, but when I was getting ready this morning. 
I can hear the sizzling sounds and the smells of the squid aroma filling my rooms. 

Your the best mami! 


  1. uiiii..nyaman nyaa..alu lapar agik kmk tok

    1. hahaha ktk nang mala lapa nangga dpost kmk aieh

  2. salu awan yg disuka ditemu masa tgh driving.. tp time driving x dpt ambik gamba!! hahaha.. kimsalam ngn sotong goreng lok..hihi

    1. nak owh? ya nang mena. tapi tok kmk ambik jak tok. hehe.. sotong goreng is bae!


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