March Challenge Day 8 : Childhood Memory

There's so many childhood memory to choose from that I don't know where to start.

Ok. First of all, 3 siblings and I'm the youngest and only girl.

From the left, 1st brother, 2nd brother and me

Style org bergambar marek. apa kah di tangga aku atas nun oh. hahaha 

My forever bff, my cousin, born only a few days apart. Time baby nya besar aku kecik. dah besar aku besar nya kecik. haha.boleh tangga gambar kmk duak sampey kinek  

Outside activity sorry, I get my outside activity only when I was in school and that is also only in front of my house. But I have fun. Lots of fun. Even my dad ever painted the road in front of our house to make it like a badminton court for the whole people around us to play also. And hang up the lamp to brighten it during night time. Unfortunately, there's not much pictures from when we always playing outside. No camera ? i guess. Its not like today's generation that can snap here and there every time.

This post is somehow dedicated a little bit to my daddy.

I still remember my father study in Australia when I was little and how I always cry everytime seeing him leaving the house hence why I always have something in my hand (maybe) to keep me occupied. lol

And when daddy's home, he will always bring me(read us) here and there, you know, spending quality time with the families.

one of my favorite activities, ICE CREAM!

i don't have anyone else to play with. hence my brother came in action hehe

Yeap. Obsess with guitar right from the start. I own 3 guitars in my home now 

Daddy me and 2nd brother

Also when daddy is home, not a chance is given to be apart from him. Bersendik sia sitok.

I miss you daddy.


  1. Kiuttt... gambar mkn esrem ya mcm kt sugarbun electra house.. ya kh??

    1. kmk sik ingat aieh sine ya... mungkin aok kot. kelak mek try nanyak mak mek

  2. cute juak ktk kecik pun sama..hahaa

    1. cute nakk kmk dlkk.. nak oh nak ohhh hahahaha sik percayak.. kinek kacak nak? ahaha angkat bakul. ok byeeee

  3. My blogpost today is on my childhood memories too.


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