March Challenge Day 7 : Someone I Love

Is it have to be someONE?
Can I choose more than ONE?

I love my families, my friends, my foe hehe

I love my late dad, my husband, my best friends, and all the babies in the world.

But lets just lemme focus today to the one who gave birth to me and without her, I may not exist in this world!

So mami, here's for you.

I may not know how to say I love you every single day with words, but I always try to do it with actions in some sort of way? Sometimes maybe in a way that you don't understand.

Since my father passed away last year January, she's been up and down through the emotions and juggling between all other things. You may not have the best and perfect children in the world, but your the best for us.

She's been asking for a new hand-phone for almost a few years last time, since her hand-phone is quite old fashion and getting lagging all the time. You know how it is with technologies last time. Low spec of hand-phone. Something like that. And usually the one to buy her something like that is my daddy.

So this year, for her birthday, I am giving her all that she wants including the new gadget. It may not big to some of you guys but it is big for her and for me.

This is mami and me at Seoul Garden Vivacity Kuching and she have no idea what was in the box. She thought it was chocolate or perfume.
By the time when we get home and she open it. Her face and reaction? Priceless.


  1. apa dalam box ya ty...kmk pulak yang itokkkk

    1. hahaha aiehh benda d mintak2 nya hehe handphone lerr

    2. wow..mesti terharu mak ktk...

    3. kenaknya sik. hehe sik percayaknya. tapi sikpa rezeki nya. Sik sempat nak berbakti lebih ngn bapak. Ngan mak jaklah nak oh

  2. So very sweet of you. My dearest beloved mum just passed away on Sunday, funeral was yesterday. Cherish all while they are around, shower lots of love upon them - they...or we, as well, may not be around forever.

    1. I am so sorry to hear that. Condolences to you and your family. Indeed we all need to cherish everybody while they're still here. My father also just come about 1 year since he passed away. May they all rest in peace.


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