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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Niece Holidays [Part 1]

Spending few days with my niece during the holidays really makes me happy and warms my heart. If only I have the money to bring all of them including their mother here.
If including the mother, in total of them would be 9 person (LOL)

Some stuff that she buys for herself is this bag. She's in dilemma which one that she wants. either the black or the gray one. What do you guys think? Gray or black?

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Crystalmate Grilled Steamboat Buffet in Miri

Just before my niece going back to Kuching yesterday, I bring her out with a bunch of my friends again and this time, we were heading for the steamboat place somewhere in Pujut. Don't ask me the exact place, I cannot really explain where its about.
Check out the link for more information from their own Facebook website.

The Place called Crystalmate (Crystalmate Grilled Steamboat Buffet)

as in crystal meth?

Monday, December 28, 2015

Fuel Shack, New Fast Food in Miri

Good morning people,

how was your long holidays? After quite a while, rasa malas nak turun keja pun ada. hah... ko rasa?
Anyway, hari ni rasa nak perkenalkan macam fast food menu baru kat sini. Kat KL ada kot rasanya, but kinda new here.

FUEL SHACK nama diberi.

So far, so good. Taste not so bad. but a pit pricey if you asked me. Their hospitality is still at the top. Let's see how long will that last. Ya 'know since they are still new opening here.

Maulidur Rasul & Christmas 2015

I think it's not too late for me to wish all my friends and families that celebrating Christmas And Maulidur Rasul last week.
I'm not back in my hometown but I'm here,  where I'm suppose to be.  Not alone for the holidays and weekend as my niece were here.  Still here.  She's sound asleep next to me right now as I write this. 
I'm not sure if she's having a good time right now.  I hope she is.
For everything that has been happening,  I just need more than a little distraction in my life.
Oh ya,  even though I'm not celebrating Christmas, apparently I received a gift from my friend from Philippines.  Blessed her to include me in it. I haven't open it yet.  But I guess I have the biggest clue on what's in it. LOL
Thank you Ya Allah,  for giving me these people that still stand beside me whenever I feel like drowning myself.  

Monday, December 14, 2015

New Hobby; Crochete. For real?

Can I mix my language here for this post? A little bit of English, A little bit of BM, and a little bit of Sarawakian.

I guess I can since it's my blog anyway. Hehehe

So, I have started this new hobby of mine to spend my luxurious free time. Tapi that one hanyalah for the first few months. AFter quite a while, I've been way too busy with my works that I don't even have the time to crochet anymore.

yes, Crocheting. 

Can you believe it ?


Doing a crochete?


Anybody who's knowing me long enough will have a good laugh about this.

Since I'm still learning and all this things are still new to me, so, I basically just stick to doing things for myself and few friends. Things like, small wallet, powerbank pouch, handphone pouch, small begs etc etc.

Here's a snippet of what I've been doing.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

A hike to Lambir Hills National Park

Morning strangers,
how you guys been ? I'm gonna blog about my past experience going for a nature hike and bbq with my new colleagues and boss.

I have always been love to do a nature hike but never get the chance to do it in Kuching. Guess when we start to stay somewhere else, we start to explore different kind of things.

After a few months here in Miri, the boss decide that we should go for a hike and bbq for, you know, mingle around. Since majority of us are actually new to the office. Maybe he thinks this is the way for us to unwind and enjoy. I don't know about the others, but i Love it~~ to the max.

It helps me to forget about all those little things that happen in my life.
It helps me to unwind my mind and not focus on too many things at times.
It helps me to relax seeing all the greenness of sceneries around me, jungle, waterfall, new people.

Well, this trip, we're heading to LAMBIR HILLS NATIONAL PARK. 

They have quite a few route that u can choose to go. Depends on your willingness of difficulty and times. For us today, we only go to Latak Waterfall, which I think, its only taken us around half an hour to reach the waterfall. I think. I didn't actually time our walk there but I think it is half an hour.

Payment to enter the park per person? I don't know. LOL that's on boss. he pays for everything. Ticket and foods. So, yeah, maybe you guys can just google it to found out about it more.

Let's start the walk

Friday, December 11, 2015

A time to unwind

I think I might need time.

Time for myself. 

Time for me to be selfish.

Time for me not to care too much.

Its so stupid just how much I care. 

Invitation for Nando's 2015

Vivacity Megamall is about to launch tomorrow. 

I bet some of you guys been receiving invitations from Nando's for their big opening tomorrow. 

First one in Sarawak, and it is opening their door for the first time in Kuching first.

Unfortunately for me,  I will not be in Kuching this week. So, banyak lah peluang terlepas. 
They even have Era Fm Sayang Sarawak Concert this weekend.

ok bye!!

*Sad face*



Yesterday menu, Tom yam and Butter Chicken

How about that, been living here for the past 5 months, and this tom yam place has been one of my favorite place. Not much to choose actually beside the tom yam itself with the money value. It cost around RM10 for tom yam mix (tom yam campur: seafood, daging, ayam, sayur) 

And boy I tell you it taste marvelous~! 

Since I've been eating out yesterday, so tonight I'm going to cook my own happy meal. not a good combination with Cola obviously, but I just want to finish the stock in the fridge. 

Dinner for tonight:
Nasi goreng hotdog 
Sunny side up eggs a.k.a telur goreng
butter chicken 
Cookies from Marriot Hotel as a complimentary

Menu for one. Well, for now. Adios amigos

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Eggs, Chicken, Vegies, Hot Dog

It's gonna be a lot of post about foods these coming posts because, because, I just feels like it. LOL. Kidding. Its just because I cleaned up my phones just now and found quite a few of foods pic. Well, I've been thinking to post it all together but what's the fun of it no?

So, here goes nothing (^_^)

Remember when I first come here and i don't know what to eat. To be eating out all the time will be waste of money (for now) as i can't found any cheaper place.  So, here's a menu for my first few weeks, or days.

Hot Dog

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Partial of Writing's on the Wall

I've been here before 
But always hit the floor
I've spent a lifetime running
And I always get away
But with you I'm feeling something
That makes me wanna stay

Such a powerful lyric with deep meaning.

Literally I've been here before. In this situation. and yes I keep on running away previously. The easiest way out don't you think? I don't want to run now. I think... maybe I can't.
It is much much more complicated than before.

But I feel like a storm is coming
If I'm gonna make it through the day 
Then there's no more use in running
This is something I gotta face 

The storm has finally pass, at least that's what I'm thinking before. Apparently there is still storm ahead of me waiting to pass by me. This is really something I gotta face and not running away. No. Not anymore.

If I risk it all
Could you break my fall? 

Could you? Will you? Or will this just be another of my rendezvous?

How do I live? How do i breathe?
When you're not here I'm suffocating 
I want to feel love, run through my blood
Tell me is this where I give it all up?

Is this really the time for me to give up? Questions that keep on playing on repeat inside me.

Mr. Sam Smith,
You never failed to pull me in your soulful songs.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Mister Crab

Assalamualaikum, selamat pagi dan salam Jumaat kepada semua teman-teman seperjuangan. 

A little bit of beautiful words for you guys and myself today 


Alright, let moving on, yesterday, my friend from Kuching but working in Limbang right now is coming to Miri for works and obviously to see me. LOL. JK
But she did come and bring this beauties over. 


Since all of it mostly alive and I don't have any experience regarding how to cook fresh crab. So, I leave it to the pro and I just help with all the garnishing  things. 

p/s I am taking invisble note for me to cook myself next time. 

Most of the crabs are female so yeay to it with the eggs and everything. But the biggest one is male a.k.a jantan. You can see from the picture below the crab pinchers is really really big compared to the other one.

Done cutting and smashing. Now its time to put into the pan.

after stirring a while, here and there, add on seasonings and everything and walla~~~ 

mr crab is ready with buah dabai (its on season now) 
and the dabai is specially from Limbang. lemak berkrim disukai ramai u. 

Both were eaten with hot rice.. perghh~~!

Close up of the crabs with eggs~

Just right in time before dinner, my friends Videl sending this picture of them and saying they miss me~!! me! yes me!! 

oh it feels good to be miss. seriously~ LOL

So, we decided to send back our pic with our dinner saying WE miss them too with the foods of course. 

Loves the food?? Me too 

Ztie Shr

Thursday, August 20, 2015

new look for me blog

Just some thought. 

While waiting for my rendering to be done just now.

I've been changing here and there for my blog layout and looks and font and how it functions.

What do you guys think?

The most crucial questions is, is it easy to be read?

And if you guys where seeing my old post, I'm sorry if most of the entries were lacking of the pictures it supposed to show. I accidentally  deleted it (I think) when i was using my old phone before and delete everything from my library gallery (that was suppose to put my blog pictures) cause it was eating my memories.

Little that I know that it actually deleted everything from my blog as well.

oh well, it was supposed to keep my memories. But I guess some memories are not meant to be remembered.

Food for thought (Literally) All foods.

Happy day everyone~ 
So yes, its not my first time living far from families but it is my first time always eating alone at home with nobody to share. 

I have two kind of foods to share today. 

1. Eat out food 
2. Homemad food (homemade lah sangat) hahaha

Last week me and my friend were hanging out at the beach somewhere. I'm sorry there won't be any pictures of the beach view but I'll upload it next time. 

From Left; Chicken satay, Lamb satay and Gravy
Top : Beef Satay

First of all, eat out food!! 

We're having all kind of satay. 

Chicken satay, Beef Satay and Lamb Satay. The lamb satay is not as nice as the one I've tried in Sibu but not bad. I like beef and chicken the most. It really moist and juicy but thumbs down to the satay sauce (peanut obviously). The gravy were too concentrated. Like way too much. and too much peanut as well. it lost the flavour of the gravy itself. 
To top it off, while relaxing near the beach with grilled food, of course the coconut water~~ 

I'm very happy ^_^

Second food that I've been having yesterday and the day before is homemade and mostly based on eggs! Don't asked me why. I'm a fan of eggs. Don't care how you made it. As long as its not well done boiled eggs. That's a BIG NO from me. 

I start with my meal last two days, its a simple omelette (a mixture of eggs with vegetable leaves, tomato, a bit of chili for the spicyness and not forgotting cheese and mayonnaise)

Its sides were decorated with lettuce, tomato again and topped with hotdot (fried small cut hotdog with ketchup and sauce) 
p/s hot dog are not good for health. So, try to avoid it at all cost. (as if! hahaaha)

Eat everything ok? Don't leave the decorated untouch. The greens is good for your health. 

And last night, since i was so bored living alone for now. I keep on playing in the kitchen and find something new to do. So, last night i'm trying to do the Eggroll. ingredients is based on whatever i have in the fridge and kitchen. 

So, let see, I still have my tomato and lettuce, mayo, cheese and sardine~! more than enough!!

Let's cut this short. Just take a peek at the pictures and tell me what do you think? hahaha.. 

not bad ahh? 

Till next time!! 

hugs and kisses 

Ztie Shr

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Sweet and bitter of new place

My 29th day at my new places. Sweet and bitter.

Bitter as in with all the things that happen in my life now. Trying to hold on. Trying to cope. Just hoping that I'm strong enough to go through all of it.

Sweet as in I'm meeting with new friends and foe. Mostly all the workers for office here is not local. So. I'm having difficulties adjusting my language as not all of them knows how to speak English. Darn, this is going to be hard =_=' but but... all is well. I kinda like it here. It gives me the new vibe that I've been searching for. I need to learn to live on my own without anybody I guess. That way I know how to improve and upgrade myself. (Maybe. LOL)

So far, so good. Been dragging by works until 2am 3am in the morning sometimes. No OT but I'm ok with it(for now) as I'm actually searching for something to distract me along the way. Been hearing lots and lots of many stuff here about, well, you know, office gossip but I try to twist the negativity around and take the positive into life. All place have their own pro and cons right? So, there's nothing good on being sissy and negative about it all the time. Just keep your head high, shoulders up and walk along the way.

Whatever happens, happens. Smile and be proud about it


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Selamat Hari Raya ^_^

Selamat Hari Raya,
Maaf Zahir dan Batin 

Permulaan post untuk bulan Syawal ni di mulakan dengan kata-kata indah dan sedia ada diketahui ramai. Hari ini adalah hari raya yang entah ke berapa hehe. Raya tahun ni tak semeriah seperti tahun2 sebelum nya atas sebab2 tertentu. Well, for me. Untuk org lain masih kekal meriah seperti biasa Alhamdulillah.

I've only spend 2 and half day dekat kampung halaman untuk beraya (kampung la sangat, bandar tu oii) spend time mungkin utk kali terakhir bersama2 famili sebelah 'sana'..  ehem

Tak jumpa sangat mami dadi cause masing2 busy (busylah sgt.. aku jer yg asyik takde kat rumah) jumpa diorang pun on the last day which is on Sunday sebelum aku fly. Sebak tengok mami nangis T_T sapa tak sebak oi..
Tapi mami, anakandamu ini pergi kerja jer, bukan pergi berperang pun.

Berjalan berjimba dengan kazen mengazen pun kurang tahun ni. Sangat-sangat kurang. AKan ku carry on forward ke tahun depan. Tapi tahun depan banyak dah penambahan kazen mengazen baru. 2 org dah nak kahwin. Tu yang dah confirm tu. Belum lagi yg tetiba nak kahwin. Hehehe.. oklah...

Post ni sebenarnya dah lama sangat terabai. Asyik tulis. Draft. Tulis Draft. So, walaupun pendek. AKu post kan jua.. hehe

Monday, July 13, 2015

Life in a lemons world

When LIFE gives you lemon, you gives them lemonade. Or else, when life keeps on giving you lemons, ask for more then become a lemon trader. Sell lemons at a very low price compare to the prevailing market price. With all that money, build a company which sells lemon and become an international lemon selling brand. You'll be having profits in no times, maybe in billions. Become rich and keep asking life for more lemons!!!

Get it???

Life is not how they treat you. Life is all about how you see them. Twist the negativity around and makes a positive impact from it. I know its easier said than done. But done something is easier than holding on to something that is not sure ours. Lemons do taste nice sometimes. Don't you think?

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Fight song in my story

Fight for him or fight for me?
The questions that keep on playing on my mind recently. All those things I didn't say are wandering around on my mind, spinning and showing themselves to nobody else but me.
I might only have one match and one chance to do things right.
One. Satu. Uno.
But can I do it right? Will I make the right decisions and method and solutions?

This will remain unanswered for a quite a long time.

But all I can say is. I am gonna fight this. No matter for who. I don't really care if nobody else believes. Just like Rachel Platten said, I still got a lot of fight left in me (^_^)

I will try to take back my life and prove that I'm alright =)

I wish ....

Friday, July 3, 2015

New Chapter

Third day started work at the new place. So far so good. I like my housemate eventhough i haven't really mingle with them so much this past days. But we do spend time on my first day of breaking fast here. They cooked for me!! aren't they nice? All of them are not local though so we may have quite a bit miscommunication somewhere here and there. But... even those who speak the same language can't really communicate well right..right.. right? ^_^
Anyway, I'm here with my new post. Different from what I'm doing last time but still in the same work area.
:ast time I am more to working drawing and of course Cad and stuff. So, I have a lot to learn and catch up actually. Hope I can do this. With all the things that happen.. I hope i can get through the fight without bleeding. hahaha

ok ignore the last couple sentences

Monday, May 18, 2015

I see beauty in everything but me

Sometimes, something can't be express by words. It just can't and I don't know how to explain it other than words. If only I can create a rendering inside my mind just to show people how exactly I feel, I would. But I could't. The perks of being human.
There is so many things to say, so little time and no words at all. Literally, no words. All I have now is a mumbling about me self trying to figure out the words I'm trying to say. So, basically, if anybody reading this. You've been punk to read the same sentences repeatedly all over again with maybe a different syllabus and such. And it just to prove one thing.

I'm over my head. I'm not feeling good. My head hurt. My heart ache. I'm in big hospital with my heart connected to all those needles that needed to poke (not literally) and I'm in pain. Like pain that cannot be explain to anyone who never actually experience it.
That's the things about pain, it actually demands to be felt.

Just know that pain changes people, but it is temporary cause I can't quit. Cause quitting means forever. Right now, the things that I'm feeling is the worst kind of pain cause I am smiling just to stop the tears from falling.

It just hurts.... a lot.

Give me life,
give me pain,
give me myself again.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Bloggers Vs FB, sama tapi tak serupa

Haritok or minggu tok macam semua jak reminiscing zaman2 berblogging dolok koh. So, today aku polah keputusan nak screenshot some of yang di kelaka sidak dalam fb nun. Which in my opinion adalah penyebab most kmk org  makin sik aktif blogging dolok. Sebab dah banyak media sosial lain untuk berhubung dan ringkas anytime anywhere macam facebook dan twitter. Plus masing2 dah berfamily, beranak bini. Dolok semua single, Masok opis terus bukak blogging. SPend time sikit untuk menulis, membaca update org. That's what we called effort. An effort to keep each other updated and see whats going on in each others life.

But trust me, all those newbie and oldschool bloggers out there. Nothing... i Repeat, nothing beats writing in here. Typing with all the keyboard sound clacking here and there. Everyone will miss someone and someone will miss everyone.

Memori time berblogging sik kira lamak ka sekejap ka mun dah start bersosial berkenalan sama dirikpun ya. Pergh.. feeling yang tidak terhingga. So later here aku akan post some of the pic from fb. I'm not sure if anyone ever read this blog again. Tapi someday aku akan bukak gik. Geng2 lain akan bukak gik insyaAllah, and see this.

We miss each other. The friendship is priceless.